LISTEN TO ME – I am the mommy now.

New Year, New Blog? Nope, not here. I started this blog 2.5 years ago when I quit my job to stay at home. I was hoping to give birth to my son and document my new life as a mommy. I was hoping to be witty and clever, to elegantly put my experience into words. I wanted to share this journey with everyone I loved.

I mean, I’ve worked full time since I was sixteen, I managed a movie theater in high school, I graduated college a year early, I worked in public relations with professional athletes, and I worked in human resources at a corporate law firm. I managed people for a living! How hard could it be to take care of a tiny person, really?

For those of you that have kids, go ahead and laugh – I’ll wait.

The answer is: it’s hard. It’s very hard. It’s probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Having said that, it will also be the most beautiful, rewarding, and wonderful thing you’ll ever do. At least that’s how I feel.
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